Alternator Replacement

When you notice any electrical problems with your vehicle there is a good chance it is your alternator starting to fail.  It’s important to get it checked as soon as possible as it can leave you stuck on the road. A bad alternator can also ruin your battery. 


Several things can cause an alternator to fail. An over tight serpentine belt or a fluid leak can cause the alternator to prematurely die. Also, if you have too many electronics running off the power it can cause a drain on both the alternator and battery.  If you wish to power more electronics we can see if there is an option to replace your alternator with a higher output alternator.  Bad alternators are quick and easy to diagnose when then are bad.  However, sometimes alternators don’t die completely and rather fade in and out of specifications.  This can make it difficult to diagnose when the alternator is showing good one minute and bad the next.  Bays auto mechanics are experts at diagnosing electrical and if we can’t diagnose the problem there is no charge. 


Determining if your alternator is going bad there are a few symptoms to watch out for.  If you notice any electrical components such as radio or lights are dimming on their own or the lights on your dash flashing on and off it is time to call us.  There is a strong chance when these fluctuations occur that your alternator is going to die out soon.  Unfortunately for Arizona residents, the high temperatures kill alternators and batteries much sooner than in cooler climates.   The summertime is the season for most auto repairs due to this excessive heat and because of this we test starting systems anytime a vehicle enters our bays.    

Obviously if your vehicle won’t start that is a clear sign something is off, and it very well might be the alternator.  Or if your battery keeps dying it is most likely the alternator causing this.  Furthermore, a burning rubber smell or screeching belt noise can also be a symptom that the alternator is ready to be replaced


No, it is only a matter of time before you will be stuck on the road. Sometimes however, a new battery will keep your vehicle driving until it has been drained.   Furthermore, all of your vehicle’s electronics draw their power from the battery, so if the alternator is on the fritz; you could be without power steering or even brakes.   Even if your battery light is on, the problem could very well be the alternator. Don’t take any chances.  If you notice something is off, please stop by immediately and we will inspect it free of charge.  We consider this an emergency and will fit you in anytime even if there are customers ahead of you.