Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you give me a ride to work?

We provide shuttle service within 5 miles of our shop, if your service will take more than an hour

How long does a diagnostic test take?

A simple check engine light will take a few minutes. Other diagnostics can take a few hours, feel free to contact us to get a better estimate on diagnostic times. 

Do you service Diesel?

Yes, we provide complete service on diesel engines. 

How long will you have my car for a detailing?

To ensure that we get every inch of you car, we ask that you leave it for a few hours to a couple days depending on the level of detail requested.

Do you have a WiFi connections?

Yes, if you wish to stay while your vehicle is repaired, we have an excellent wifi connection as well as coffee and drinks available to you.  

Can you install new tires?

While we don’t sell tires, if you purchase tires online we would be more than happy to mount and balance them for you.

How long does an oil change take?

We know your time is important, that’s why we do our best to get you in and out in under 10 minutes on most cars.