What Does A Check Engine Light Mean?

What Does A Check Engine Light Mean?


If your vehicle needs a diagnostic check our service technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic testing tools and will get to the source of the problem.  Often a check engine light scan will direct us to a specific part that needs replacing. Bays Auto never charges a fee for a check engine light scan. If the code recovered tells us exactly what part needs replacing there is also no diagnostic charge.  Resolving performance issues is crucial to the longevity and safety performance of your vehicle. Furthermore, ignoring a performance issue often results in damage to other costly components. Fixing issues on your vehicle promptly can save you thousands over the life of your vehicle.  

If you see a check engine light blinking, you should immediately pull over to the side of the road and give us a call.  Having a diagnostic check done as soon as possible could save you time and money. 


Today’s vehicles are a complex nightmare of systems, computers and machinery that work in harmony to help you drive safely.  One small malfunctioning part can cause the whole system to work ineffectively and wear out other components.  The best way for you to save money is to pay attention to how your vehicle is operating. When you sense something is different about how your vehicle is operating you should have a mechanic look at or, at the very least, mention it at your next oil change.  More times than not this different feel in your vehicle’s performance is a sign of a part failing. Catching it soon will save you money; sometimes lots of it. The vehicles computer system is also designed to give you a check engine light when the computer detects something is not working properly. 

If the check engine light is blinking it means the computer has detected something very serious that could damage your engine or transmission. Many drivers familiar with the importance of having car diagnostic services will ignore this warning sign, thinking they can put it off or just wait until it goes away. Bays Auto specializes in diagnostic services and have yet to solve any puzzle.  We invest thousands of dollars annually on keeping our systems up to date, our technicians trained and on new technology purchases. We can diagnose all European, American or Asian vehicles on the market including diesel and flash programming.  


If our technicians can determine the problem within 10 minutes or less there is no charge for diagnosis.  Also, when the problem is obvious to us there typically will not be a diagnosis charge. However, in today’s complex vehicle designs many things take time to diagnose correctly and often there is something else causing that part to fail.  We will always get approval before performing any diagnosis that requires a fee. If there is a blinking check engine light, or the vehicle won’t start once the starting system has been verified to working order; you can expect a diagnosis fee. 

Intermittent problems can be the costliest to diagnose. An intermittent problem is a problem that exists when you are driving it but then performs fine when we test it. Other signs include strange dings, clicks, and similar odd sounds. If your lights behave strangely or your brakes respond slowly, then your car needs a diagnostic exam. We at Bays complete auto repair and honored that you entrust us with your vehicle and make every attempt to keep your diagnosis fees to a minimum.  Often times when we charge an hour of diagnosis, we actually have spent several hours making sure our diagnosis is correct.  

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